Rezerve Oak'A Smash Burgeru Treileri un baudi mūsu Burgerus jebkur!

Kas ir Oak’A Burgers?

oak'ā burgers

The Oak’A Burgers brand was established in May 2021 and aimed to create a slightly different burger joint. We have a different approach to cooking burgers, as our team prepares them fast, not compromising on quality. Guided by these reasons, we chose the “Smash” method, which is an excellent way to prepare the best burgers in Latvia!

Back in 2021, we received an award from our reliable partners – Wolt and Bolt delivery platforms. We were the most nominated catering company, which, of course, also won prestigious awards. We are the first and only true initiators of the “Smash” cult in Latvia. Come and try Latvia’s best “Smash” burgers!

Oak’A Burgers Treilers

oak'ā burgers

In August 2022, we launched the first Latvia’s most excellent Smash Burger Food Truck, so that our products are always closer to you! In September 2022, our Smash Burger Food Truck became the most recognized Latvian Street Food caterer and won its first victory in the nomination “People’s Choice” of the European Street Food Awards 2022!

Oak’A Burgers Food Truck can offer the most excellent Smash Burgers in Latvia, which could be made and served anywhere! We are ready to cook up a feast at public events and your private parties alike. Reserve in advance our Smash Burgers Food Truck on any day convenient for you by specifying the time, number of people and the format of the event.

Kā mūs atrast?

oak'ā burgers

Our powerful Oak’A Burgers burger joint is located at Avotu Street 77, very close to the center of Riga and next to the beautiful Ziedondarzs. Here you can taste the best Smash burgers in Latvia inside the restaurant and on the summer terrace. We will surely welcome everyone to visit us at Avotu Street 77, Riga, to taste our excellent products!

Come visit us: Avotu Street 77, Riga